Forest Breath

Soggy leaves in autumn colors cushioned each step along the wide trail. Hard lines from their shadows contrasted the muddled … More

2020 Books Read

With a global pandemic and long road trips, I devoured audiobooks in 2020 like never before. I’ve found the medium … More

2019 Books Read

In 2019, my reading habits grew considerably in both quantity and scope. I experienced the benefits that a diverse reading … More

2018 Books Read

The Scewtape Letters by C.S. Lewis The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher Confessions by St. Augustine From Pusan to Panmunjom … More

Festival Lake

The winter air smeared the bus windows with condensation for the passengers to paint patterns with their fingers.  Rolling up … More

Time and Space

The crowd shouted each number in unison during the final ten seconds of the year and a paradox of anticipation … More


After several busy days, the holiday comes with an appreciated respite.  The morning cannon salute sounds from a separate world … More

Golden Days

It is fall in Korea.  The ginko trees that line the streets are turning to their autumn colors and their … More